накась, выкуси!

накась, выкуси!
НА-КА <НАКАСЬ, НАКАСЯ, НА>, ВЫКУСИ! substand, rude
[Interj; these forms only; fixed WO]
emphatically no (used to express one's categorical refusal to do sth., refutation of some statement etc):
- [when refusing to do sth.] no (frigging) way!;
- you can whistle for it!;
- not on your life!;
- nothing doing!;
- like hell I <we> will!;
- I'll see you in hell first!;
- [when refuting a statement] what (a load of) crap!;
- that's bullshit!;
- [when emphasizing a previous statement of refusal etc] put that in your pipe (and smoke it)!
     ♦ "В лес ехать надо". - "Мне? В лес?" - "Да". - "...На этот раз на, выкуси! Не поеду!" - "Поедешь. Своей волей не поедешь - по суду отправим" (Абрамов 1). "...You've got to go out to the forest." "Me? Tb the forest?" "Yes." "...This time you can whistle for it! I'm not going!" "Yes you are. If not of your own free will, then the court will make you go" (1a).
     ♦ "Правильно! Ты думаешь человек человеку кто? Друг? Товарищ? Братишка? На-ка, выкуси! Человек человеку люпус ест! [transliteration of the Latin lupus est = волк]" (Войнович 4). "Right! What do you think man is to man? A friend? A comrade? A brother? Ha-ha, what crap! Man is like a wolf to his fellow man" (4a).
     ♦ "Ступай, откель [ungrammat = откуда] пришёл! А Гришку твоего, захочу - с костями съем и ответа держать не буду!.. Вот на!.. Выкуси!" (Шолохов 2). "Go back to where you came from! And if I want your Grishka, I'll have him, bones and all, and won't answer to anyone for it!...So there! Put that in your pipe!" (2a).
← The idiom may be accompanied by one of two gestures: a "fig" gesture, in which one's hand is extended, clenched in a fist with the palm usually facing up and the thumb placed between the index and middle fingers; or an obscene gesture, by which the left fist is placed in the crook of the right arm and the right elbow is bent, bringing the forearm all the way up.

Большой русско-английский фразеологический словарь. — М.: ACT-ПРЕСС КНИГА. . 2004.

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